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Mark Pickles

The foundational key to resilience in ministry is the ongoing daily application, appropriation and experience of the gospel of grace in the heart and life of the gospel minister. As time goes on and our experience in ministry grows, our competency and skills in the task develop and increase, thus tempting us to be more self-reliant and less Christ-dependent.

We battle continually against indwelling sin in our own lives and the evidence of that within the lives of those amongst whom we minister, tempting us to grow weary and discouraged. Our sinful nature's propensity for legalism can attach itself to ministry performance and almost without us being aware of it, we can become motivated and driven by works-righteousness. The subtle danger is that because we 'know' the gospel and preach and teach it to others, we can assume therefore that we are applying and appropriating it to our own hearts, when we are not.

The great need for those called to full-time gospel work is that the gospel we proclaim continues to be at work in us. In the conference, we will explore in some depth the application of gospel dynamics to our own hearts and lives.

About Mark Pickles

Mark Pickles is the Director of Anglican Training at Oak Hill College. After nearly 30 years in ministry, he is more aware than of ever of his need for and dependence upon the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel of grace. His DMin dissertation was on the subject of 'The Life and Ministry of the Gospel-Driven Pastor'. He lectures on gospel-driven leadership at Oak Hill partly because he longs to see ministers of the gospel being thrilled and transformed by an ever deepening awareness of the grace of God that will sustain them for a lifetime of faithful gospel ministry; and partly because it enables him to continue to explore and apply the gospel to his own heart.

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Mark Pickles


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