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Brad Bitner, Oak Hill's Acting Academic Dean, writes: I'm very excited to announce our plans for an Oak Hill School of Theology in July 2018. The School of Theology has been something of a tradition for the College over the years, and one which we're reviving and adapting.

We are committed to strengthening our relationship with churches and our alumni by thinking theologically together and providing resources relevant to day to day ministry. In conversation with some of you, the theme we have chosen is: Images of Glory: The Image of God in Ministry and Culture.

A robust biblical and theological anthropology lies at the root of so many pressing issues in ministry and culture, including counselling, beginning and end of life issues, and debates over sex, gender and identity. The biblical-theological category for thinking about these is the image of God.

At the School of Theology, we are going to rigorously apply the Bible and its theology of the image of God to these pressing issues in ministry, in ways that will stretch and further resource pastors.

The day itself will comprise a combination of plenary and interactive breakout sessions, with options for attendees. There will also be the opportunity to eat together and catch up.

Along with the Language Refreshers, there will be different booking options available more details will follow in early 2018.


plus language refreshers for ministry

Following the School of Theology, we'll be offering Language Refreshers for Ministry on 11 and 12 July, with a choice of Greek or Hebrew. Participants will spend two days covering the language they have chosen.

The focus of these days will be on revitalising biblical language use for sermon and talk preparation.


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