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God's kingdom flourishing in Brixton

Gabrielle Samuel, who trained at Oak Hill, is part of the ministry team at Brixton Local Church (BLoC). She says:

'I think there are two Brixtons: there is new Brixton, which is young professional, with a lot of disposable income; and there is old Brixton, which is very working class, and mainly black majority. This is quite a religious place, and there's no blank Christian slate here. Everyone has had some degree of exposure to Christianity, for better or for worse. And so you are always battling with what is often a negative experience of Christianity.

We planted a church because we want to see God's kingdom flourish and grow in Brixton. There was recently an event in a local park that gave us the opportunity to be there, to be present and visible, and to have church in the park. We spent time talking to people and inviting them to come and see who we are and what we are about.

Most of my time is spent building relationships with women who are not Christians, sharing life and sitting down with them to open God's word. I'm also with some of the younger people in our congregation, teaching them the basics of the Christian faith. And I have opportunities to meet with women who are part of the church one to one, reading together in small groups.

My time at Oak Hill has been of such benefit to what I do now. Time spent considering the human heart, what it longs for and what it fears, and how the gospel speaks to it; time spent walking in God's word; time spent thinking about how to walk with others through God's word: all these things I use daily. I use them in one to ones and in small groups, and I use them in my own personal Christian life. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to sit down and think those things through.'

See more of Gabrielle's story of life in ministry in the video above, or read about her in the Oak Hill booklet, Into all the world.


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