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Jon Putt
Jon Putt works as part of the ministry team in Kempston, near Bedford.
Gabrielle Samuel
Gabrielle Samuel is part of a ministry team in Brixton.
Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne
Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne are part of the ministry team in Lindfield, Sussex.
Robin and Zoe Ham
Robin and Zoe Ham are in pioneer ministry in Barrow-in-Furness.
Tony Ford
Mark Smith, church planter in Dublin, talks about how theology resources the work he does now in ministry.
Tony Ford
Efrem Buckle, Pastor at Ecclesia in Lewisham, talks about the value of the theological training he received at Oak Hill.
Tony Ford
Phil Chadder, Chaplain of HM Prison, Brixton, talks about the essential value of theological education to his ministry.
Daf Meirion-Jones
Daf Meirion-Jones and Martyn Ayers work in a parish with council housing, university halls and three mosques.
Tony Ford
Tony Ford is chaplain to Oldham Rugby League Football Club, with many opportunities to do pastoral work and share the gospel.

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