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Cross-cultural training at Oak Hill
Oak Hill has almost 70 years experience in training Anglican clergy, and in the past few years has also begun training youth workers and free church ministers. Six years ago, the College started a specialised course for those wanting to go overseas. We can now look at graduates with diplomas, Bachelor and Master degrees serving in places as diverse as Belgrade, Bolivia, China, Dublin, Gran Canaria, Iraq, Japan and Senegal, with others ready to go soon to Siberia, Taiwan, Thailand and Uganda.

Nowhere else can potential missionaries study alongside people training to pastor the churches which will be sending missionaries. The proven success of the course will be enhanced by the new Foundation degree, which offers greater integration and more emphasis on practical elements.

During their studies, students seek to integrate their cross-cultural understanding and their participation in the core subjects with other students.

One student was asked to think about marriage preparation materials for families who had become Christians from a Muslim background. There was nothing to lift off the shelf to provide this. So the student went back to the pagan cultural background of 1 Corinthians chapter 7, considered the marriage culture of the local Muslims and then reapplied Paul's arguments into that context.

Another student looked at Romans 1 and sought to apply it to someone whose ideas of creation were shaped by Shinto beliefs.

Others have researched church planting in Serbia and Ireland; working with national pastors in Japan or Thailand; considered the unresolved influences of Roman Catholicism on Spanish evangelicals; evaluated the value of English teaching in China, and have worked on many other topics.
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