Our partnerships

Uganda Martyrs Seminary Namugongo


Chris Howles, UMS staff member and former student at Oak Hill, writes:

“The partnership between Oak Hill College and Uganda Martyrs' Seminary Namugongo (UMSN) goes back to the 1980’s when Rev. Godfrey Bazira, the principal of UMSN, was shot and killed in 1984 by government soldiers during a time of civil unrest. Some UMSN students were also tortured and unjustly imprisoned at that time. Some Oak Hill staff heard about the dreadful incident (Rev. Bazira had previously been an Oak Hill student) and started to pray for and support the college in its rebuilding efforts, and the friendship between the colleges began!

Almost 40 years later, that friendship continues to thrive! Staff and students of both colleges regularly pray for each other. About 30 students from poorly-resourced dioceses are able to study at UMSN through bursaries generously raised by Oak Hill students. Leaders from UMSN have been to visit Oak hill and enjoy fellowship and friendship in person there, and 4 faculty members from Oak Hill have visited UMSN over recent years to join with Ugandan brothers and sisters in teaching, learning, worship and fellowship. 

One of the most long-running and mutually beneficial components of our friendship is the regular ‘partnership weeks’. These are visits to Uganda of teams of Oak Hill staff and students who come to UMSN, where they spend time in class with UMSN faculty and students teaching them in lectures, Bible studies, seminars, group discussions, and other forums. Oak Hill visitors are also invited to share with UMSN students about what they are learning and understanding from the Bible in their classes and studies back home in London. We’ve now had 22 of these partnership weeks involving almost 200 different visitors going back to 2009. Many Oak Hill students comment that it is one of the highlights of their Oak Hill studies."