Bursaries for students


Oak Hill offers a number of bursaries to enable a wide range of students to access theological training.

  • Our newly launched Access Bursary is designed to increase the breadth of our student body and to provide financial support to those who need it most.

Many students are able to raise money from a variety of sources, and we offer support with fundraising. But we also have two further bursaries that can help in particular circumstances.

  • Instead of applying to Student Finance for a loan, you can apply for our Partnership Bursary if this is your first degree.
  • Or, if you are struggling to reach your financial targets, you can apply for our Closing the Gap Bursary.

Find out more about each of these bursaries below, and take a look at the guidance about raising financial support. And if you have any questions about your own situation, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office and they'd be glad to help.


Access Bursary

We want to provide deep-rooted theological training for all who are called to ministry, regardless of ethnicity, sex, and economic or social background, and we long that our life together at College reflects the breadth of God’s people and plans.

If you are female, or from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, or are from a low socioeconomic background, you would be eligible to apply for an Access Bursary.  The bursary would cover your tuition fees, and, for full time applicants, a means-tested grant towards your living expenses. You can apply for this bursary when you accept an offer of a place to study at Oak Hill. 

Find out more here

Partnership Bursary

For 2021 entry, new students who previously would have been eligible to apply for student finance support (tuition fee loan and/or maintenance loan) may apply for a Partnership Bursary. With this bursary, the College would consider matching the support pledged to you both by your church and by individual supporters (excluding family members).

Eligible applicants for this bursary must have accepted the offer of a place at Oak Hill before applying for it. The closing date for Partnership Bursary applications is 12 noon on Friday 4 June 2021.

See the 'Raising Financial Support' guide below

Closing the Gap Bursary

This is designed to make up the last bit of shortfall on your budget and so a student may apply for this bursary when they have explored all other funding sources. The maximum a student can receive as a Closing the Gap Bursary is usually £3,000. There are three application points throughout the academic year (30 September, 31 January and 31 March) and you must be enrolled as an Oak Hill student before submitting an application.

See the 'Raising Financial Support' guide below

Raising Financial Support

  • We have put together a guide below to help you think about how to go about raising financial support. 
  • You will start to get a feel for the fact that, where individuals and churches are concerned, it’s about asking them to partner with you rather than just giving you money.
  • Stewardship is an organisation that can help with raising and facilitating support.  You can read about them on their 'About Us' page.  They offer a number of helpful things for Bible College students.
  • They offer a Partner Account for Individuals, including for Bible College students, which enables you to handle the processing of financial support, including Gift Aid which boosts your income. You can read more about the Partner Accounts here.  Applications for such an account are made online via their website. 
  • They also offer Support Raising Training; you can find out more about it here.  
  • To give you a taster they have also produced a mini-series of videos called ‘What I wish I knew before I started support raising’ (about 1 hour in total) - it will give you much food for thought and prayer, as well as help you think about whether to do their fuller training.
  • If you would like to have a conversation about your situation, please contact the Oak Hill Admissions Office and we would be very happy to chat with you.

Download our 'Raising Financial Support' guide (PDF)