Commentary: Winter 2012

Welcome to the Winter 2012-13 edition of Commentary, the twice-yearly magazine of Oak Hill, exploring a wide range of cultural, ethical and theological issues in the light of biblical teaching. Please download or read the magazine below.

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Mike Ovey introduces the underlying theme of this edition of Commentary, by asking, what happens when strongly-held religious conviction collides with real life experience? When two policewomen were recently killed in the line of duty in Manchester, the church’s man on the spot was James Halstead, who graduated from Oak Hill three years ago. He shares his experience of the fast-unfolding events. Two cultural idols came crashing down this year: the cyclist Lance Armstrong and ‘TV personality’ Jimmy Savile. Both had bulletproof reputations, which were maintained by intimidation and moral blackmail. Nick Tucker asks what we can learn from the systems which kept them in place.

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