Essential Information


What’s involved in live auditing a module?
Live auditing a module means that you attend and listen to lectures and discussions via an online digital link feeding directly from a class happening at Oak Hill. Normally this means not being able to ask questions or participate in classroom discussions; however, at the individual lecturer's discretion and invitation, you may be able to participate. Readings are normally available to auditors through Oak Hill’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Auditors do not have access to the library and may not submit any of the assessments for the module.

What happens if the technology fails?
Every effort will be made to ensure synchronous access, but we cannot guarantee the absence of any technical difficulties. In that event, all necessary content will be provided as soon as it is possible.

What does it mean for a module to have a prerequisite?
A small number of modules have prerequisites i.e. modules that need to be taken before that particular module may be done. For those auditing it is for guidance only.  Please see the individual module pages for details of specific prerequisites.

How many modules can I take?
You can take up to a maximum of two modules across the two semesters, totalling a maximum of 40 credits; plus one module in the Summer Intensive period. Ideally, you might want to apply for modules you wish to take across the two semesters at the same time. Applications for the Summer Intensive modules will open in 2021.

Other information

Oak Hill email accounts
All Flexible Learners are given an Oak Hill email account shortly before the module starts. This enables you to have access to the college’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and to see details of how to access the live module digitally; to receive communication from the module tutor and other college communication including the invoice for your study.  You will be expected to check this account regularly. Your email account and access to the VLE will then be closed normally 2-3 weeks after the end of your module (you will be notified of the exact date in advance).

Payment of fees
Invoices will be issued after the second teaching week of the semester that the module starts in. If you decide to withdraw from the module after the second teaching week, you will be invoiced for the full amount.

Key dates

Start date
End date
Closing date to apply to audit
7 September
18 December
3 August
1 February
21 May
5 January

Academic Calendar
The Academic Calendar shows you when each teaching period starts and ends, and when there are breaks for reading weeks and holidays. See here for full details