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Equip: Anxiety - Hope and Help from God


We were glad to welcome over 150 attendees to ‘Equip: Anxiety - Hope and Help from God’ in November 2021.

The fact that so many came highlights how important the topic of anxiety is, especially in the current climate, and so we've made a recording of this event available for free on our website. 

In this session Andrew Nicholls explores common roots of anxiety and how God speaks to those who are anxious, bringing his help and hope. An extended version of the recording will be made available in the New Year which includes footage from the Q&A sessions.

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Andrew Nicholls

Meet the speaker

Dr Andrew Nicholls, MA, is the Director of Pastoral Care at Oak Hill College.

"Pastoral care is what the gospel is for. In the gospel, God himself saves, secures and sanctifies us out of the deepest covenant love and faithful care, and with the gospel he equips us to be his agents in this glorious work. Oak HIll is committed to raising up a generation of church servants who increasingly know how wonderfully the gospel reaches into us, and through us into others, at every twist and turn of life."

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