Equip events

Understanding Islam


Date 1: Thursday 19 November 2020 7:30pm-9:30pm
Date 2: Saturday 21 November 2020 9:30am-11:30am

Location: Online

To love or reach our Muslim neighbours, we need to understand them…

At this Equip event we will be thinking about Muslim people as people, made in the image of God yet fallen. As such, they are no different to all of us. Indeed, even as they reject key Christian truths about Jesus the Messiah, their religion can look and sound very similar to our own. We will look at some of their practices and beliefs, and think how best we can talk about Jesus with Muslim people, answer their objections and read the Bible with them.

This teaching session is delivered in two 45 minute teaching sessions, with opportunities for interactions and questions.

Price: £5

Oak Hill College

Meet the speaker

Robert Scott is a visiting lecturer at Oak Hill, lecturing in Islam.

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