Language Refreshers 2020 (Online event)

Event end date:
Friday, July 17, 2020

Language Refreshers: Wednesday-Friday 15-17th July 2020

Read Judges 8 in Hebrew with Chris Ansberry

Read James 1 in Greek with David Shaw (Sold out)

Our Language Refreshers for Ministry offer pastors and teachers who have already studied Hebrew or Greek an opportunity to refresh their language skills and enhance their ability to use one of the biblical languages for teaching and preaching. The sessions will run Wednesday-Friday 15th-17th July 9am-10.30am each morning on Zoom.

The refreshers assume a ‘beginner to intermediate’ level of proficiency, and focus on reading with increased fluency; practising translation and exegesis in whole book context; using discourse analysis and other insights to read with the grain of the text; and encouraging one another with ways to keep the languages alive and useful in ministry.

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