Book Launch Event

Piercing Leviathan


God's defeat of evil in the book of Job

Date: Thursday 16 September 2021, 7:30-9:00pm
Location: Online & in person at Oak Hill College
In person price: £14 (including a copy of the book)
Online price: £10 (including a copy of the e-book) / £5 (event only)

Join Kristi Mair and Tim Ward as we hear from Eric Ortlund and discuss his new book. We'll hear the story behind the book and reflect on the significance of God's word to us through Job. The evening will finish with a live Q&A with Eric.

In the words of the book blurb, Eric "considers different interpretations of the Lord's second speech and their potential exegetical and pastoral weaknesses. He shows how a supernatural interpretation of Behemoth and Leviathan puts modern readers in a position to appreciate the reward of Job's faith (and ours) as we endure in trusting God while living in an unredeemed creation."

You can join the event online or in person at Oak Hill College. A copy of the book is included as part of the in person ticket price. Online participants will join the event via Zoom and have the opportunity to take part in the Q&A on the day.

Portrait photo of Eric Ortlund

Meet the author

Eric Ortlund, BA, MA, PhD

Eric Ortlund (PhD, Edinburgh University) is lecturer in Old Testament studies and biblical Hebrew at Oak Hill College, London. He is the author of commentaries on Esther and Malachi in the forthcoming ESV Bible Expositional Commentary series.

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