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Preaching Refresher


Date: Wednesday 14-Thursday 15 July 2021
Wednesday: 9:30am-4:30pm
Thursday: 9:30am-12:30pm
Location: Oak Hill College & Online
Price: £35

Application in Preaching: Biblical Text and Pastoral Context 

Two familiar truths about word ministry: Scripture is the Word of God and so must drive how we apply it in preaching and teaching.  And every pastor is appointed by Christ to apply his word in a particular pastoral context to a particular group of people.

After a few years of ministry many pastors grapple with relating these two truths well...

Just how far does Scripture itself determine my preaching applications? Does Scripture on its own give me everything I need to apply it well to the people I serve?

And just how far should my pastoral context determine my application?  How can my context shape application without twisting Scripture?

In this Preaching Refresher we'll explore these issues with a little theoretical thinking and lots of interactive and practical work on the Bible.

We are hoping to welcome attendees to this event both online and in person at Oak Hill College. Please indicate what your preference is for this in the booking form.

Bookings for this event close on Tuesday 29 June at 12noon.

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This year we are also running Biblical Language Refreshers which run at the same time as this Preaching Refresher.
Find out more here. To find out more about this year's School of Theology click here.

Please note: If you have applied to take a Flexible Learning Summer Intensive module this year, these run at the same time as our refresher courses; unfortunately you are unable to attend both.


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Tim Ward

Meet the speaker

Revd Tim Ward, MA, PhD - Lecturer in Homiletics

Tim spent 14 years as a Pastor in local churches and for the last 8 years has been involved with theological education.

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