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School of Theology 2019


This was the second in a series of three study days on the doctrine of humanity.

Over 100 people gathered for the annual Oak Hill School of Theology in July 2019, which focused on the doctrine of humanity in the 21st century, and our theological and pastoral response to the leading challenges of our times.

‍Our starting point was that the story of humanity in the 21st century is a tragic tale of confusion and anxiety. Who are we? How do we know? What value do we have, and why? What divides and what unites the human race? Are we gods, or cogs in a wheel? Villains or victims?

‍Find the audio and video for all the School of Theology plenaries and breakout sessions below:


Kristi Mair: Humanity in Culture

Chris Stead: Humanity in Theology

Matthew Bingham:
Humanity in Ministry