Why get ordained?

Saturday, January 19, 2019
9:30 am
Oak Hill College, London

Thinking about full-time gospel ministry? Considering ordination in the Church of England? Have questions about Anglican ministry?

Oak Hill College is hosting this one-day event to explore the issues and questions surrounding gospel ministry in the Church of England. The day will include three key sessions:

Gospel opportunities in the Church of England

Rt Revd Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidstone, looks at the positive opportunities for gospel ministry in the Church of England, including the value of being part of a larger set up, the extent of those opportunities, and the exciting prospect for church planting within the church.

The need, opportunities and value of revitalising churches in the Church of England

Revd Johnny Juckes, President of Oak Hill College, looks at the opportunities for revitalising churches. The Church of England has the infrastructure and resources in place to reach the nation effectively for Christ with the gospel. What it needs are many more gospel-hearted ministers willing to take those opportunities.

The Church of England's doctrinal foundations: Biblical and gospel-centred

Revd Dr Mark Pickles, former Director of Anglican Training, Oak Hill College, and now Director of the North West Partnership, will be looking at the concerns some may have about the Church of England's current doctrinal confusion. He will also demonstrate that the doctrinal foundations of the Church of England express a gospel-centred vision, and therefore the need for rigorous theological training to deepen theological understanding and develop long-term gospel faithfulness.

The day runs from 10am to 2pm, and concludes with a Q&A session over a light lunch. There is no charge for the day.

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