Admissions for September 2020: Frequently Asked Questions

Have admissions stopped for September 2020 in the light of the coronavirus pandemic?
Absolutely not!  We’re still receiving applications for 2020 entry – the closing dates for applying are:
• Monday 11 May 2020 for postgraduate and RPL applications
• Friday 29 May (12 noon) for undergraduate applications
Find out all you need to know about the application and admissions process here.  You’ll see a key thing is to have your sending minister’s reference submitted at the same time as your application to maximise the speed with which we can process your application. 

Your next scheduled interview days are in May and June, but what happens if they don’t take place?
When we receive an application, as soon as we are at the stage of inviting you to interview we will give you the option of either
a) waiting for the next scheduled interview day that you can make, given that we haven’t yet cancelled them, or
b) having an interview via skype or other platform at the earliest mutually convenient time.  

I’m a potential ordinand yet to go to BAP and I’m not sure whether it will happen or happen in time for September.  What should I do about applying to college?
Ministry Division have said that they are working on different ways of running the BAPs to ensure that candidates can still be assessed with a view to starting training in September 2020.  They will be communicating details once it’s been worked out.  Whether or not you have received direct communication from your DDO about your own situation, please do contact us in the Admissions Office to let us know your situation so we can discuss it with you.  The more we are aware of that, the easier it is to work out with you the best way through the application process with us. 

How can I find out more about Oak Hill if I can’t visit the college at the present time?
You can find out a lot without visiting us:
• watch our virtual Open Morning here
• read about the programmes in more detail here
• read about ‘Life at Oak Hill’ and watch our student videos here
• if you’re asking the question ‘why Oak Hill?’ watch our video here
• if you have any questions please contact the Admissions Office via the form here; we will also be glad to arrange an online conversation with you.  

What happens if the coronavirus situation is such that Oak Hill can’t resume its normal residential, face-to-face learning experience in September?
At present, we are planning for college to ‘return to normal’ for September.  Over the coming weeks it will become clearer as to whether or not that will be the case.  If it looks like we may not be able to resume normal life and learning here for September, we will be able to plan for what it will look like, building on and improving on our experience of having gone virtual from 19 March – which we had to do in a very short space of time.  In this scenario, we would of course be communicating clearly with all applicants for September 2020 entry.

I’d like to study from September 2020 but would it be better to defer?
If you’re unsure about this, we would encourage you to still apply for September 2020 entry and proceed as if you’re planning to start training in September.  Then if, as the coronavirus situation unfolds, you think you would prefer to defer to September 2021 entry, do let us know so that we can discuss it with you.   It is possible to defer once you’ve been offered a place, but you don’t have to make that decision now.  As we’re sure you can appreciate, it is much easier for you to withdraw from the application process at any stage than for us to get you into or back into the process at a later date.  

What about accommodation – I’m married and concerned about getting on site accommodation.
Please see the details about accommodation and the process here - you can find the full information on the ‘applying’ tab, in the ‘documents’ box. You will see that there are two phases of accommodation allocation for married students – phase 1 and phase 2. The closing date for being considered in the phase 1 allocations is Monday 30 March – to apply for accommodation you need to have accepted an offer of a place to study.   To be considered in phase 2, the sooner an application to study here is submitted, the sooner an offer of a place can be made and accepted, and an accommodation application can be made.  That will give you the best (although not guaranteed) chance of being allocated on site accommodation.   

Will coronavirus impact my ability to fundraise and stop my being able to study?
You can find information here on the ‘applying’ tab, in the ‘documents’ box about how to go about raising money for training.  If you find that some sources of funding are less accessible to you due to coronavirus, you will have the option of applying for an Oak Hill College bursary.  We will gladly discuss this with you at interview.