Admissions for September 2020: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you receiving applications for September 2020 entry in light of coronavirus?
Since lockdown began we have continued to receive applications, interview people and issue offers. 

Are you still thinking about studying from September 2020?  If so, contact us straightaway to discuss your situation as we have passed our published closing dates for applications.

Information about the Flexible Learning modules on offer during 2020/21 and details of how to apply will be published on the website soon.

How are you handling interview days?
We are currently conducting all interviews via zoom, and are continuing to do interviews on the published interview day dates. So when we receive an application, as soon as we are at the stage of inviting you to interview, we will invite you to one of the interview dates that you can make, or if you can't make any of the published dates, we will be glad to arrange an interview at an alternative mutually convenient time.  

Will coronavirus impact my ability to fundraise and stop my being able to study?
You can find information here on the ‘applying’ tab, in the ‘documents’ box about how to go about raising money for training.  If you find that some sources of funding are less accessible to you due to coronavirus, you will have the option of applying for an Oak Hill College bursary.  We will gladly discuss this with you at interview.

What will college life and study look like at Oak Hill in September 2020?
As the government starts to set out the roadmap for unlocking the economy and easing lockdown, we are conscious that it is not clear at this stage what life will be like in September. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is very unlikely to be fully normal. With that in mind we are already actively considering every aspect of college life and how best we might do everything, so that we are both complying with government guidance to minimise risk, and are able to maximise the ways in which we can live and study in community, even if some elements are done ‘virtually’.   

We are currently assessing how best we can make use of the space we have and are developing plans for a variety of aspects of college life:
- how might we do physical teaching with social distancing given the amount of floor space we have available per student?- how can we embrace use of the extensive grounds we are blessed with?
- how can we develop alternative modes of being in community?
- how can we ensure that any digital provision we may still have to use in September is done in community?

We have in mind not just teaching, but also fellowship groups, tutorials, chapel, study, using the library, praying and socialising together, amongst other things. We also recognise that some aspects ofcollege life are currently more uncertain for the start of September, particularly the provision of college lunches and the crèche, but we are working through options for these too. 

We will give a further update towards the end of June to give more of an idea as to the shape of the start of the academic year.  And as government guidance changes over the coming months, we are committed to responding appropriately and as quickly as we can as it does. 

We are also working together with applicants to address any funding queries and offer bursary support where there is financial hardship or the coronavirus has impacted funding plans.

How can I find out more about Oak Hill if I can’t visit the college at the present time?
You can find out a lot without visiting us:
• watch our virtual Open Morning here
• read about the programmes in more detail here
• read about ‘Life at Oak Hill’ and watch our student videos here
• if you’re asking the question ‘why Oak Hill?’ watch our video here
• if you have any questions please contact the Admissions Office via the form here; we will also be glad to arrange an online conversation with you.  

When do Admissions for September 2021 entry open?
Admissions for September 2021 entry will open in Autumn 2020. If you would like us to let you know when they open, contact us here and we’ll add you to our list.