Global Theology and Practice

Discover a biblical, historical and cross-cultural basis for evaluating contextualised theology and ecclesiology in both British and global contexts. We’ll be examining cross-cultural, theological and church-planting methods from the point of view of practitioners, with reference to contemporary missiological concepts.

Theological contributions from Asian, African and Latin American cultures will provide you with the opportunity to reflect on patterns for doing theology and for church life within specific contexts.

If you’re participating as an attender, you’ll receive lecture input from a member of our experienced faculty, and take part in discussion (at the discretion of the lecturer). Our readings will normally be available to attendees through the Oak Hill virtual learning environment, or in paper format. However, copyright restrictions mean some readings will not be available to attendees.

If you’re a creditor, you’ll engage more deeply and consolidate your learning by doing assessments.

Meet the tutor

Keith Ferdinando is associate pastor at Woodford Evangelical Church, London. He previously taught at Shalom University in Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and was lecturer in missiology at London School of Theology. He is the author of The Triumph of Christ in African Perspective and The Battle is God’s.

Teaching period:
Lecture days:

w/b 9 Mar to

w/b 18 May 2020

Thur 10.15am-12.00pm and 1.40-4.35pm



3 Feb 2020 (attend) / 27 Jan 2020 (credit)
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£990 (attend) / £1,600 (credit)
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