Word of God

The Bible, the word of God, is the foundation for Christian life and ministry. We'll be considering together what the Bible says about itself, how God speaks to us in his word by his Spirit through human authors, and what kind of readers and listeners we should be as we come to God in his word.

If you’re participating as an attender, you’ll receive lecture input from a member of our experienced faculty, and take part in discussion (at the discretion of the lecturer). If you’re a creditor, you’ll engage more deeply and consolidate your learning by doing assessments.

Please note that although this course has content and learning value equivalent to 5 credits, no credits are actually awarded on completion of the course. If you take the course as a creditor, you will receive the benefit of deeper engagement, assignments, feedback and marking, but no transferable credits.

Meet the tutor

Tim Ward lectures in Homiletics at Oak Hill College. He served in pastoral ministry for 14 years, and is the author of a book on the doctrine of scripture, Words of Life: Scripture as the Living and Active Word of God (IVP).

Teaching period:
Lecture days:

w/b 2 Sept to

w/b 11 Nov 2019

Tue 3 Sept 9.05-11.05am; thereafter, Mon 9.05-9.55am

Plus two additional sessions at 10.15-11.05am on Mon 9 and Mon 16 Sept

16 July 2019 (attend) / 1 July 2019 (credit)
Closing dates:
£450 (attend) / £600 (credit)
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Teaching hours:

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