Scripture for Theology & Ministry

Flexible Learning module

The Bible is our foundation for life, godliness and ministry. Standing squarely on the Bible, this module lays the foundation for the entire programme by examining what Scripture says about itself and how we can come to the Word with a posture that better helps us to hear God speak. Students will begin to learn how to faithfully interpret and apply the Bible in theology and ministry. 

‍This module includes a series of sessions on how to handle Scripture for word ministry and assumes some prior training in the basic issues and skills.  

The module title ('Scripture for Theology and Ministry') indicates the flow of the various sections of the module:

-  The nature of Scripture itself in relation to God and his purpose
-  Key issues in the theory and practice of biblical interpretation, from the perspective of the history of interpretation
-  Scripture as it shapes good theology
-  Scripture as it drives faithful ministry.

This is a foundational module for the Oak Hill programme. We start with God's purposes for the Scripture he has given us and build from there to see how Scripture should then shape the whole of our thinking in theology and our serving in ministry.”

Tim Ward

Module tutor