Word Ministry II

Flexible Learning module

Faithful, creative and effective Word ministry encompasses a variety of forms and skills and requires continual spiritual growth in the Word minister.

‍This module exposes students to a range of historic and contemporary preaching and teaching styles from different cultures and provides opportunities to develop skills for many contexts (e.g. evangelism and evangelistic preaching, small groups, all-age talks, older audiences).  

This module assumes a reasonable amount of prior training in the basics of handling Scripture for word ministry.  As a third-year module it also at times assumes a measure of prior theological reflection on word ministry.  It is ideal for someone already involved in word ministry, especially in a leadership capacity, who is keen to grow in skills and in theological thinking about a range of word ministries in different contexts.

We always teach the Bible in a particular context, to a particular group of people. To help students develop well in their ability to contextualise how they preach and teach, this module focuses on different styles of preaching in the past and the present, and on word ministry to different kinds of people in the present."

Tim Ward

Module tutor