Engagement with Cross-Cultural Mission

Flexible Learning module

This module moves from understanding to engaging with cross-cultural and theological issues related to mission. Students will reflect critically on themselves and others as ‘enculturated beings’ and will work through case studies and scenarios from global culture and religion.

This module is especially suited to people who have completed DM1.2 and want to move on to better understand both themselves and those they seek to evangelise. Without assuming prior knowledge of other religions, this module enables students to penetrate the 'religious other’, connects religion to culture and seeks best ways to present the gospel to people from other backgrounds.

Building on the foundations laid in DM1.2 'Foundations for Cross-Cultural Mission', this module digs deeper. There is a special focus on the nations and their numerous other religions. What does the Bible say these are and how does the gospel subvert them?”

David Baldwin

Module tutor