Global Theology & Practice

Flexible Learning module

We are often unaware of the significant role of culture in the formation of our theology and church practice. This module opens students’ minds to different patterns of theological thinking in various cultures and equips them to evaluate contextualisation and approaches to church planting and church practice in light of biblical criteria.

This module is of value for those who are heading into our own multi-cultural and globalised context and not only those planning to serve overseas. The module will largely take the form of a seminar with an emphasis on discussion based on prior directed reading by the students.

If you’re participating as an auditor, please note that some readings will be made available to you via the Oak Hill virtual learning environment. However, many readings can only be made available to students inside the Library. Copyright restrictions mean that we are unable to copy all the readings that are required for this module.  As auditing Flexible Learners, you may not be able to fully contribute to the discussions because this year we are unable to give you Library access due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Global Theology and Practice brings a biblical perspective to bear on culturally diverse approaches to both church planting and theological reflection. It is of value for those who are heading into our own multi-cultural context as well as for those planning to serve overseas." 

Keith Ferdinando 

Module tutor