Cross-Cultural Outreach for Church-Based Ministry

Flexible Learning module

Globalisation and migration trends offer great opportunities and challenges for church-based, cross-cultural outreach with the Gospel.

‍In this module students will reflect on these trends, the ethics of using ‘outreach platforms’ such as ESL teaching, and practical strategies for surveying the needs around a church, starting and maintaining an intentional outreach and appropriately welcoming people from other cultures into church life.

Especially suited to people wanting to reach out cross-culturally in their own communities, this module is designed to help church leaders and church members think through the issues involved in starting a sustainable and effective global outreach within their own congregation. No prior study assumed.

What about cross-cultural mission in the UK? This module takes mission principles of former generations and reapplies them to our own back yards, where God has brought the nations in great numbers.”

David Baldwin

Module tutor