Flexible Learning modules

Alumni offer


We want to encourage and go on equipping our alumni for life and ministry. So as well as the modules that are open to any other Flexible Learners, you can also benefit from the following extras:

1. Open only to Oak Hill alumni

We are pleased to make this module available only to our alumni.  Follow the link for more details about the module:


2. Oak Hill alumni have the option to audit modules via the VLE

This option is available only to our alumni.

  • VLE auditors listen to/watch lecture recordings on Acorn, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - after the lecture has taken place i.e. you can listen to the lectures at your convenience.
  • VLE auditors can also access handouts and other materials on Acorn. 
  • Recordings are normally posted within 36 hours after the lecture has taken place. There may be occasions when, for unforeseen technical issues, a recording may not be available.
  • You will be able to access recordings up to 6 January 2023 for Semester 1 modules; 5 June 2023 for Semester 2 modules; 31 July 2023 for Summer Intensive modules. 

Any module open to be audited live via Zoom or in person is also able to be audited via the VLE. 

Please note that the option to audit for alumni is either live via Zoom or by listening to recordings on the VLE and it is normally not possible to mix the two modes.

‍The price to audit via the VLE is the same as to live audit, except:


3. Special offer for Oak Hill alumni

In 2022/23 Oak Hill alumni are able to audit one module, up to a maximum of 30 credits, for free, whether live-audit or VLE audit if you haven't already taken a module for free in the last few years.  The free module may be audited in Semester 1, Semester 2 or in the Summer Session. 

In addition, once you have benefitted from auditing one module for free, any further modules you take either for audit or credit, may be done so for half price.  Which means:

  Audit Credit
10 credit module £237.50 £395
20 credit module £475 £790
30 credit module £600 £1,000

The price to credit includes the Middlesex University Registration Fee.


Note: Oak Hill alumni normally means those who have previously completed a qualification with Oak Hill College.

Please visit the ‘Essential Information’ section for more details that apply to all Flexible Learners.