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Over the past decade, Oak Hill has been making videos of former students who are now working in many different kinds of ministry in the UK and Ireland. We’ve wanted to find out how the theology they learned at Oak Hill has been put into practice in the everyday work of ministry – in preaching, youth work, cross-cultural outreach, and pastoral ministry. Here are some of them as well as our latest Into all the world resource:

Into all the world - latest edition

Into all the world stories

Jason Roach

Senior minister of The Bridge in Battersea, Jason works with young people on an estate.

John James

John is a pastor and church planter in Northfield, Birmingham, part of 2020 Birmingham.

Fiona Gibson

Fiona is the vicar of three country parishes, and has recently started a popular forest church.

John Taylor

John is a pastor at Christ Church Southampton, with a special focus on people in their 20s.

Prospectus stories

Phil Chadder

Formerly Chaplain of HM Prison, Brixton, Phil talks about the essential value of theological education to his ministry.

Mark Smith

A church planter in Dublin, Mark talks about how theology resources the work he does now in ministry.

Gabrielle Samuel

Youth and women’s worker at Brixton Local Church, Gabrielle works with women who are not Christians.

More alumni stories

Reuben Hunter

Pastor of Trinity West, Shepherd’s Bush, Reuben has seen the church's work flourish by engaging in the community.

Athole Rennie

A church planter at Grace Church Leith, in the north part of Edinburgh, Athole brings the gospel to people far from faith.

Andy and Sarah Prime

Church planters in Gracemount, Edinburgh, Andy and Sarah live and work in a scheme of 3,000 people.

Stuart Silk and Hugh Bourne

Part of the ministry team at All Saints, Lindfield, Hugh and Stuart face the same spiritual issues as in any community.

Jon Putt

Assistant Minister of Grace Community Church, Kempston, Jon marries practical and spiritual outreach.

Robin and Zoe Ham

Engaged in pioneer ministry in Barrow-in-Furness, Robin and Zoe are living their faith in the community.

Efrem Buckle

Pastor at Ecclesia in Lewisham, Efrem talks about the value of the theological training he received at Oak Hill.

Tony Ford

Chaplain to Oldham Rugby League Club, Tony has many opportunities for pastoral work and sharing the gospel.

Chris and Ros Howles

Chris and Ros Howles talk to David Baldwin about the joys and challenges of cross-cultural ministry in Uganda.

Ministry in the real world

Each of these gospel workers while they were at college studied God'word, grew in faith and were rooted in Christ to be equipped for ministry. Robin Ham, who works with his wife Zoe in pioneer ministry at a church in Barrow-in-Furness (see their story above) uses a striking image to describe the radical flexibility of his theological training in preparing him for ministry in different situations:

"The training I received at Oak Hill has been completely practical. It's like the difference between a train and a Land Rover. The train is stuck on the tracks. It can't really go anywhere else, but the Land Rover is adaptable. It can drive on any terrain. What I received from my time at Oak Hill is the ability to come to a new place, listen to the community, and serve in a completely new context."