Our life together



When the New Testament makes hospitality a requirement of an elder it is not thinking of dinner parties. The term refers to ‘the love of the stranger’. It means that those in pastoral ministry should be those who welcome others as Christ has welcomed us (Rom 15:7) and have a special concern for the vulnerable and the outsider.

That begins within College, as we live and learn alongside one another. The theme is central to the classroom where a growing biblical understanding of human nature and culture helps us to be more aware of ourselves and attentive to others. Likewise, hospitality is central to our fellowship groups, where students meet weekly in smaller groups to support and care for one another. Those groups are also mirrored in our Spouses Network where student spouses can meet regularly for encouragement, prayer, and equipping for their future ministries. 

But it also means we regularly have guests from outside the College to speak to us in the classroom or in chapel. And it means we want to reach out to the highly diverse local communities of North London and be active in praying for and serving the global church. This ranges from local school assemblies and bus stop evangelism, to regular lunches to find out more about global mission, and College mission trips.  We have strong links with many former students serving around the world and rejoice to see more joining them.

Henrik Sonesson - current student 

I have been struck by the exceptional culture of hospitality that exists here at Oak Hill which helped me feel really welcome."

Henrik Sonesson

Children's & Youth Worker at St Thomas Oakwood & Former student