Our life together

When Jesus was asked “What is the greatest commandment?” he replied,

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.'"

This is the thought we want to place at the centre of all we do at Oak Hill. 

It means we are not satisfied only to know about God. We want to love him in a rich and life-changing way, and develop patterns of study and ministry shaped by that love.

Alongside that we want to cultivate a love for our neighbour in all we do. It means that we constantly connect our studies with our complex and broken world, reflecting on what that love looks like in action. And then learning day after day to put that love into practice, within the College community and beyond it.

So with those loves in view, we talk about life at Oak Hill under three headings: learning, worship, and hospitality. But those are not three compartments. We don’t simply learn in the classroom, worship in the chapel and show hospitality around the meal table. Instead we want to learn in ways that fuel those loves and to see every part of College life as an opportunity to worship and extend hospitality.


Every class is carefully designed to help you grow in your knowledge of God, Christian character, and readiness for life in ministry. 

Learning at Oak Hill


In the classroom, in chapel, and throughout the day, we want to grow in our knowledge and love for the Lord.

Worship at Oak Hill


Reaching out to others to care for them, learn from them, and share Christ with them is the heart of ministry.

Hospitality at Oak Hill

Spouses attending a Spouses Network event at Oak Hill College

Spouses Network

We want Oak Hill to be as welcoming as possible for spouses and families, and a place where they too can consider and prepare for serving God in the future. Our Spouses Network is for all spouses married to full and part time students, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. 

Learn about our Spouses Network

Students walking through the campus grounds

The Campus

Oak Hill is set in 60 acres of 18th century parkland, with an abundance of trees, open green spaces and walks. In addition to the accommodation on site, there are excellent study facilities, lecture rooms, and a high quality library.

Explore the campus

Spouses outside Oak Hill accommodation


Oak Hill has a spacious campus set on acres of natural parkland. We are able to offer a variety of accommodation for many of our full time students, both single students and married students.

Accommodation options

Amy Wicks - Former student

Learning with people who are also your neighbours means you build great friendships around a shared love for Jesus.”

Amy Wicks

Associate Pastor for Women's Discipleship at St Silas, Glasgow & former student