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The Oak Hill Bursary Fund provides as much support as it can to students in significant financial need and we would love to see more students supported by it, enabling wider access to College.

We are now offering four bursaries: the Access Bursary, two Closing the Gap Bursaries, and the Partnership Bursary. 

To support our students in this way, include the term 'Bursary Fund' in the donation details.


Access Bursary

We want to provide deep-rooted theological training for all who are called to ministry, regardless of ethnicity, sex, and economic or social background, and we long that our life together at College reflects the breadth of God’s people and plans. We would love to have more students who are female, or from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic background, or are from a low socioeconomic background. This bursary covers their tuition fees and, if they are full time, could also include a generous means-tested allowance towards their living budget. An Access Bursary application can be made when an applicant accepts an offer of a place to study at Oak Hill.

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Partnership Bursary 

For 2024 entry, new students for whom studying at Oak Hill would be their first undergraduate qualification may apply for a Partnership Bursary. With this bursary, the College would consider matching the support pledged to them both by their church and by individual supporters (excluding family members), up to a maximum of £10,000 for full time students and £5,000 for part time students. This is reviewed annually for the duration of their programme.  A Partnership Bursary application can be made when an applicant accepts an offer of a place to study at Oak Hill.

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Closing the Gap Bursaries

The Closing the Gap Bursary is designed to make up the last bit of shortfall for a student’s budget and so a student may apply for this bursary when they have explored all other funding sources. The maximum a student can receive as a Closing the Gap Bursary is usually £3,000.  There are four application points throughout the academic year (30 September, 31 January, 31 March and 31 May) and they must be enrolled as an Oak Hill student before submitting an application.

We also have an Advance Closing the Gap Bursary to help students for a subsequent year of study when they anticipate a significant change in their funding which jeopardises their ability to stay on. 

More details about both these bursaries are available once a student has started at College.

Give to the Bursary fund

Nathan White

We long for there to be no barriers to people being equipped to serve the Lord, which was at the heart of the College's vision when it first opened. Training at Oak Hill has been an immense blessing to me and so I am really excited about the students who might be able to join us through the new Access Bursary."

Nathan White

Current student