At the FIEC leaders' conference

Last week, some 900 people gathered in a breezy Torquay for the annual FIEC Leaders' Conference.

The theme for the conference was 'Communicating the Gospel in our Post-Christian Culture', and the main speakers included Don Carson and Dave Gobbett. Seminar speakers included David Robertson, Helen Thorne and the Australian Karl Faase, who presented his new apologetic resource for churches, Jesus The Game-Changer.

It was great to see over 60 former Oak Hill students come to a drinks reception late on the first evening, and we were delighted that Don Carson was able to join us (see photo above).

Overall, there was a strong and encouraging Independent Oak Hill presence across the conference, which confirms the strong relationships we maintain with the FIEC.

Other conference highlights included the launch of the new Primer on the theme of apologetics (edited by our own David Shaw, and with Oak Hill contributions), and the presence of Edward Connor Solicitors set up by the FIEC in March and offering legal support to churches and Christian charities.

Next year's conference will focus on growing leaders at every level, with Mark Dever and Colin Smith as the main speakers.