Bookings open for summer events at Oak Hill

We’re very pleased to announce that bookings have opened for two major events at Oak Hill this July: our annual School of Theology, and our popular Language Refreshers for Ministry.

Oak Hill School of Theology 2019

This year’s annual School of Theology (Tuesday 9 July 2019) focuses on the doctrine of humanity in the 21st century. Three members of our teaching staff – Kristi Mair, Chris Stead and Matthew Bingham – explore what it means in an age of confusion and anxiety to be made in God’s image, and offer a theological and pastoral response to some of the leading challenges of our times.

One of the people who came to last year’s school commented: ‘Most of my life is caught up in the busyness of ministry, so having a day when I can step back and be reminded of the bigger picture, and be fed spiritually, intellectually and theologically, is great. It’ll help me be proactive in ministry, rather than just reacting to the latest crisis.’

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Language Refreshers for Ministry

In the two days following the School of Theology (Wednesday and Thursday 10 and 11 July), we are offering Language Refreshers for Ministry, with a choice of Greek or Hebrew.

The refreshers assume a ‘beginner to intermediate’ level of proficiency, and the aim is to improve your Greek or Hebrew skills and enhance your ability to use a biblical language in your preaching and teaching. Only 15 places are available for each language, allowing the sessions to be as interactive as possible.

Join us for an enriching time together around the original biblical text.

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