Jamie Smith lecture and Q&A session

Professor Jamie Smith visited Oak Hill at the end of November to give a lecture. The videos of the lecture, plus the Q&A session following it, are now available.

We were delighted to welcome Professor Jamie Smith to Oak Hill at the end of November.

Jamie spoke at three events at Oak Hill, including a morning with over 100 leaders and influencers on the contents of his new book, Awaiting the King. The relationship between the church and the public square has never been more contested. Awaiting the King offers a public theology which explores the religious nature of politics and the political nature of Christian worship.

See the video of the lecture, plus the Q&A session following it, above and below in this post.

While at Oak Hill, Jamie covered a number of topics concerning his cultural liturgies projects; issues to do with biblical interpretation and hermeneutics; and the area of Reformed public theology.

Those who attended these events were stimulated and stirred up not only with Jamie’s presentations, but with some very helpful question and answer sessions. The topics Jamie covered are vital ones we as evangelicals in the UK need to be discussing more and more in our particular cultural moment.

Also see our interview with Jamie Smith, conducted by Oak Hill faculty member David Shaw.