Introducing our new undergraduate programme

We have been praying and planning towards a new programme for a number of years and we can’t wait to launch it in September. Here are more details:

Some choices are just too expensive. We shouldn’t have to choose between leaders who love the Lord and leaders who love the lost.

We shouldn’t have to choose between leaders who know the Scriptures deeply and leaders who get what makes people tick.


We shouldn’t have to choose between excellent communicators and sacrificial servants.

Between theological precision and generous hospitality.

As we began the process of redesigning our courses at Oak Hill, that was the clear message from all the churches we consulted.


Preparing workers for the harvest field has to aim for all these things and more. We need servants grounded in the gospel and well-rounded with all the knowledge and skills that ministry requires.


The first thing to emerge from this process was what we’ve called our Graduate Profile. It’s an attempt to capture the essence of what Scripture says any minister of the gospel needs to be and to know. The vital combination of character, skills, and knowledge that will sustain a healthy pattern of ministry.


And then everything builds from there. With a clear profile of what we are working towards we can examine everything we do, asking whether it serves or undermines that aim.


This Graduate Profile has meant a careful re-working of the undergraduate programme, ensuring that the first year lays a clear foundation for theological study and spiritual growth. The second year aims towards integration, helping students bring the parts together into a coherent whole. This is true for their grasp of Scripture as they focus on Biblical Theology, and they are also ready to bring their first-year studies in doctrine, culture and history to bear on ministry modules in the second year. The third year heightens that ministry focus with a capstone module on the Pastoral Epistles, alongside advanced studies in Public Theology, and the Doctrine of God.


The Graduate Profile has shaped more than just course design though. It has challenged us to rethink how we design assessments and placements that develop the skills as well as the knowledge that is needed. It has shaped how we structure the year and how we structure the day, giving thought to the rhythms of our life together and the environment we cultivate. We need a comprehensive approach that pursues godliness, fosters worship, and promotes resilience.


We’ve spent the last couple of years praying and planning towards this, and we can’t wait to launch the new course in Sept 2020.


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