Passion for evangelism

Kristi Mair reports from the UCCF 'Passion for Evangelism' conference, equipping women in their love, understanding and communication of the gospel

Kristi Mair writes: It was such an abundant joy sharing this past weekend with 55 women who want to grow in their love, understanding and communication of the gospel, at the UCCF 'Passion for Evangelism' conference. Here's a little picture of our opening night with Naomi Dawson, IFES Regional Training Coordinator and Administrator.

We had sessions on taking risks for the gospel (Karen Soole, author of Leading Better Bible Studies); how to communicate Jesus to a weary world (me!); an historical overview of women in the Bible and what they teach us (Ellie Cook, UCCF staff worker); and responding to and engaging with feminisms (Karen) – AND everyone gave an evangelistic talk addressing cultural defeater beliefs and connecting their chosen topic to Christ in small feedback groups! Here are just three reasons why I utterly loved it:

1. This gathering equips women to be courageous in evangelism. There is a significant need for women in the mission field. Recognising this, we want to resource and release women to speak beautifully and persuasively of Christ in their contexts. What I have the privilege of being involved in is a unique conference doing just that – training and equipping women, while also linking them in with further opportunities. There is no other such gathering in the UK.

2. As a result of this weekend, 55 women now have 55 talks that are ready to go! Can you imagine the impact this may have?

3. I was personally so blessed by the women attending this conference. Many people often think this kind of training is just for the young and extroverted women among us. It really is not. It was a delight meeting women from all ages and stage of life, as together we shared experiences and considered ways of growing in our ability to give the reason for the hope we have, as unique persons made in the image of God, in both personal and public settings.

There aren’t many conferences that I’ve enjoyed more than this one. I can’t wait for the next one!