Planting healthy gospel churches

David Shaw talks with Neil Powell, a pastor and church planter from 2020 Birmingham, about ministry and church growth in an urban context.

Neil Powell, one of the pastors of City Church Birmingham, and a leader of 2020 Birmingham, a church-planting initiative, came to speak to students at Oak Hill recently. In this video interview, he talks with David Shaw about how 2020 Birmingham works, and how its plan, set in 2010, to plant 20 new churches by 2020, has been progressing.

Says Neil: ‘2020 Birmingham is a collaborative church-planting movement for a city. In essence, what we’re trying to do is work together as local evangelical churches to plant and grow more churches – healthier, gospel churches – than we could on our own. One of the things that is different is that we work across denominations. So we have people who are planting within the Church of England, or with the FIEC, or Acts 29, or New Frontiers, and some who are planting independently. We walk alongside each other as church-planting pastors.’