Plugged in, engaging culture

Dan Strange introduces his new book, 'Plugged In: Connecting your faith with what you watch, read and play', which has just been published.

I’m excited that my new book, Plugged In: Connecting your faith with what you watch, read and play, is finally published by The Good Book Company today. For the last 14 years, I've been teaching various Oak Hill courses in the areas of cultural engagement, mission, evangelism and apologetics, and this book is a pocket-sized, accessible version of lots of this material, aimed for all Christians.

We engage culture because we care are about Jesus, about following Jesus, and about telling others about Jesus. Plugged In not only gives this a biblical and theological rationale, but is also a practical ‘how to’ guide, with contemporary worked examples, including some of the brilliant Oak Hill student work I’ve marked in the last decade.

The book has some encouraging commendations, including a great foreword by Tim Keller, who says: ‘There are now plenty of books calling us to find new ways of connecting our gospel presentation to the needs and questions of people in a secular, pluralistic society. And there are plenty of other books calling for us to live faithfully in a post-Christian Western culture, neither simply withdrawing nor assimilating into it. But Dan’s book Plugged In actually tells and shows us how to do it.’

I hope and pray that the book will be a useful resources to Christians in the UK and beyond. If it’s OK to dream (and of course it is!), I dream that Christians would buy it, read it, and get together to have ‘Plugged In’ groups in their homes and churches which can use the book’s framework to both engage our culture, ‘filling and subduing the earth’, ‘keeping ourselves from idols’, and all for glory of Christ and his kingdom.

You can find out more, see endorsements, read excerpts, and order your copy by clicking this link: Plugged In at The Good Book Company

The book is also available here: Plugged In on Amazon