The gospel, Japan… and ultimate frisbee

Levi Booth, who recently visited Oak Hill, talks with David Baldwin about his passion for the gospel, Japan and ultimate frisbee.

All three are intertwined in his story as a missionary, which he tells in a new book, Ultimate Grace. Levi studied at Oak Hill in 2010-13, and now works in Japan as a missionary with OMF. He wrote the book, he says, ‘to give people a taste of what it means to be a missionary, and what God does in our lives.’

Levi tells David Baldwin, ‘It was through playing ultimate frisbee at uni that I became a follower of Christ, so for me, sports and being a Christian have always gone together. When I went to Japan, I thought I would have to give up the frisbee stuff and become a proper missionary. But actually, I discovered that playing frisbee – this weird, obscure sport that I love – was a great way to get to know Japanese people. It helped me make friends, make contacts, and hopefully share a little bit of what it means to know the Lord Jesus.’

In the book, Levi talks about his journey as a missionary, and how he played frisbee for the Japan national team against Great Britain. Find out more about Ultimate Grace (published by 10publishing at £2.99) here.