Understanding gender today

There’s no getting away from gender. Pride marches. Rainbow flags. Trans athletes and celebrities. Toxic masculinity and #MeToo.

next civil rights frontier

Back in 2014 TIME magazine announced the “Transgender Tipping Point” and hailed it as “America’s next civil rights frontier.” It’s an intriguing phrase that connects the transgender movement to a long line of social justice causes: the emancipation of slaves, the enfranchisement of women, the decriminalisation of homosexuality and same-sex marriage legislation. It captures the sense that these are moral causes to be supported with the same degree of enthusiasm and vigour. To express concerns about the transgender movement is tantamount to advocating for slavery. The march of freedom must not be hindered. Anyone who does so is “on the wrong side of history.”

So how should Christians respond? That’s the question we’ll be asking in our Equip sessions in December. And one of the key things we’ll do is devote time to understanding why the LGBTQ+ movement is so persuasive to so many. To do that we need to dig into some of the major thinkers who have transformed how we think about power, sexuality, and gender. And then we need to think carefully about how Scripture speaks into this topic. 

When we turn to Scripture, we discover that there really is no getting away from gender, but it is neither inherently oppressive, nor an easy thing for any of us to navigate in a fallen world.

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