What could you be looking forward to at Oak Hill?

We asked some of our students what they were looking forward to before they started training at Oak Hill last year and how it has been going. Here are some of their answers:

Luigi Palombo, Independent student:

What were you looking forward to?

“I was pretty ignorant on church history, so I was really excited to learn something about what the orthodox faith looks like.  The other thing I was really thrilled by was the languages. I couldn’t imagine that there would be any other opportunity where I would set aside time to learn them, so I was super pumped about the idea of doing Greek and Hebrew.”

How has it been going?

“Languages are helping me be more involved, more engaged and clearer in my thinking when it comes to preaching or teaching that that really is what God is doing there so I think it makes a profound difference. Discussing things on which we don’t agree about in absolutely every detail with one another, yet treating one another as brothers who can sharpen one another is profoundly valuable and probably essential if we’re going to actually be about resourcing the church nationally to reach the nation.  Everyone’s been far kinder than any other place I’ve been in my life. It’s not been a breeze but it’s been a joy.”

Stefan Davies, Ordinand:

What were you looking forward to?

“Going back to the core of what are the essentials, what do I need to learn and understand as the essentials of a biblical faith, and figuring out what are the things where there is freedom in what to believe and the way to do things. Oak Hill set out very clearly from the bible what it is that a church leader will need and how they will go about preparing us for that.”

How has it been going?

“Lots of the first year modules are great to consider the essentials of the faith and for seeing what the bible is and how we need to read it. It’s all very different to what I was doing before, teaching physics, so there have been a lot of new challenges. I am being shaped as a whole character as well as filling me with knowledge.  I’m just thrilled about all of it.”

Paul Wong, Independent student:

What were you looking forward to?

“Grounding in systematic theology is not something that I’ve had previously so I was really looking forward to that. But I think the thing I was most hoping to get out of college is actually the space to think more about ministry. Thinking if I had to build a curriculum for students coming into a Christian Union, what they should learn by the time they graduate, who are the people here who’ve done student work who I can bounce ideas off and who I can speak to about what a student ministry might look like in the future.”

How has it been going?

“Being around people who are better thinkers than me, who are more godly than I am, just hearing their views and talking things out is really helpful and something you won’t get elsewhere.  I am being equipped to handle God’s word and to teach it and to pastor Christians with it in the future.”

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