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Krisztina Mair


Krisztina Mair, BA, MA


Lecturer in Philosophy, Ethics and Apologetics


After completing her BA in Philosophy and Theology, Krisztina worked as a Reach volunteer with Friends International and led the student work at a local church in Birmingham. She then embarked on her Master's degree in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics and, before joining Oak Hill, she worked for UCCF for eight years as a Staff Worker and then the Assistant Team Leader in the Midlands.

Krisztina is teaching Apologetics in addition to modules on Philosophy and Ethics. Krisztina is a doctoral candidate at the University of Birmingham, researching philosophical theology (epistemology). She says:

True philosophers ('lovers of wisdom') pursue truth wherever it is to be found. For, in Augustine's words, such treasures of 'silver and gold' have been established in the 'mines of providence'."

Krisztina is passionate about evangelism and building up the church – and teaching and training God’s people to do both these things. She has previously spoken at both Cambridge and Oxford University Inter-Collegiate Christian Unions’ events weeks where she engaged seekers, agnostics and apathetics by responding to popular objections to the Christian faith. She also speaks at regular one-off ‘lunchbar’ Christian Union and business events, as well as hosting and speaking at regional, national, and international training events in persuasive evangelism. She is thrilled to be involved with Forming a Christian Mind (Cambridge), The Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities in Europe (FEUER), European Leaders Forum (ELF), CreationFest, Keswick, and SOLAS Confident Christianity events, to name a few.

Krisztina co-hosts a podcast with Andy Bannister (PEP Talk), and her first book, MORE>Truth (IVP), was written in 2019. She has most recently edited and contributed to her second book, Healthy Faith and The Coronavirus Crisis (IVP, 2020).

Krisztina moved to the UK from Hungary at a young age. The majority of her family reside in Hungary and Romania, but Krisztina has spent most of her life in the Midlands. She plays the cello (badly), sings (mediocrely), and bakes (averagely). She loves exploring and discovering new places or re-visiting well-trodden places of old. She is usually planning her next adventure, which often involves getting lost in far-flung places, and at least one international ‘incident’. In London, however, Krisztina can often be found in the British Library, the British Museum or the National Art Gallery. She plants and waters her time with friends, family and strangers, often with a glass of wine, sometimes with jazz, always with great affection.


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