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Our academic staff are wholeheartedly committed to Christ-centred ministry.  That works itself out in two ways. They are passionate about the content of what they teach, seeking Christ in the Scriptures and “taking every thought captive” in obedience to him. And then they seek to reflect Christ in their teaching and lives, modelling the love of God and neighbour that is at the heart of our life together. 

Academic staff

Visiting lecturers

Oak Hill welcomes a number of visiting lecturers each year to teach in particular subjects.

Operational staff

A number of people and teams enable the College to run effectively and efficiently.

Tom Brown, former student

Before I started here, I was taught by one of these tutors on a course and he taught with clarity and confidence in the Scriptures. I asked him is everyone like that at Oak Hill and he said, to a man and a woman, they are evangelical and love the Lord. When I got here, they were like that."

Tom Brown

Former student