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Thomas Renz


Revd Dr Thomas Renz


Lecturer in Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew

Theological training is helping us to pay close attention to our triune God and our neighbour, by listening carefully to Scripture and to each other. We discern the needs to which Christ calls us to respond and develop skills to minister faithfully in His name. Theological training is thus a means of loving God and neighbour. "

Thomas grew up in south-west Germany. After a gap year in Israel he studied theology and pastoral studies at an independent college in Giessen where he met Gabriele, his future wife. They came to England in 1993 for Thomas to pursue doctoral studies under Professor Gordon Wenham for a University of Bristol PhD. His first permanent position was as Tutor in Old Testament and Hebrew at Oak Hill from 1997-2009. During this time Leah and Amos were added to the Renz household.

Thomas has been an active member of Lutheran, independent evangelical, and Anglican churches. He became a Reader at St Thomas Oakwood, regularly preaching and leading services, before he was put forward for ordination. He received his final pre-ordination training at the College of the Resurrection in Mirfield where he much appreciated its liturgical rhythm and its close link to the monastery. He served his title post at St Michael Highgate, before becoming the Rector of Monken Hadley in April 2012. In both places Thomas was closely engaged with primary schools. While in Monken Hadley Thomas also acted as a placement supervisor and a training incumbent and was involved in spiritual direction and in the Edmonton area’s selection process for ordination.

Thomas has been involved for several decades in pastoral care at all ages and theological education at all levels, including doctoral and post-doctoral. He has taught people across the various genres of the Old Testament and especially enjoys close work with the Hebrew text. His published research is focused on the prophetic literature.


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