David Baldwin, BSc, PCGE, BD, TESOL, MA

Director of Theology for Crossing Cultures

Dave is an SIMer (Serving in Mission) seconded to Oak Hill to direct the Theology for Crossing Cultures stream. After graduating from Belfast Bible College, Dave, along with his wife Maura, served with SIM in Ethiopia for 11 years in Bible teaching and using English Language Teaching in urban outreach. Since returning from Africa, they have served in two local independent churches in their home town of Reading, helping them engage with and minister to urban internationals.

The realisation that many UK churches are seeking to connect with the scores of people from overseas living in our towns and cities has sparked a desire in Dave and Maura to broaden that ministry through a new SIM project called two:nineteen. Teaching cultural studies and missions at Oak Hill further scratches that itch. All graduates, regardless of where they are heading, are encouraged to think globally about their own culture, the cultures of others and the power of the gospel to cross cultural barriers.

Dave and Maura have four children, two still at home and two in work. They are available on site to staff and students alike, providing informal pastoral support. You may see them walking their crazy dogs around the grounds, drinking too much coffee or sneaking off to Anglican churches when no one is looking. Dave suffers from LUSS (Leeds United Supporters Syndrome).