Revd Tim Ward, MA, PhD

Lecturer in Homiletics

Tim Ward is convinced that the beating heart of all faithful Christian ministry is the proclamation of Jesus Christ from the scriptures. There’s more to pastoral ministry than excellent preaching and teaching, but there’s no good ministry without it. He aims to help students bring all that they learn through their time at Oak Hill to bear on their commitment to scripture, enriching and deepening their preaching and teaching.

Tim is an Oak Hill graduate. Before coming (back) to Oak Hill, he taught at the Proclamation Trust’s Cornhill Training Course. Prior to that he served in pastoral ministry for 14 years. He is the author of a book on the doctrine of scripture, Words of Life: Scripture as the Living and Active Word of God (IVP). He gained his PhD at Edinburgh University in the 1990s, which was published as Word and Supplement: Speech Acts, Biblical Texts and the Sufficiency of Scripture (OUP).

In his spare time, Tim enjoys running and following the (mis)fortunes of Birmingham City Football Club. He is married to Erica and they have a son, Jonathan. With his family he is a member of the church family at a nearby Anglican church.

Tim Ward