Postgraduate Diploma Theology

Structure and modules




You must take all of:

  • One compulsory module: BD6.4 Hermeneutics, Epistemology & the Knowledge of God (30 credits)
  • Three elective modules (90 credits in total), at least one of which must be a taught Specialist Master’s-Level module (coded 6.x)
  • Postgraduate Research Seminars (non-credit bearing).  These will normally take place monthly on a weekday evening: the details will be announced at the start of the academic year

Requirements for Anglican ordinands

In addition to all elements of the PGDip set out above, you will complete a suite of placements and will also study a selection of modules at Levels 4 and 5 to provide specific Anglican training (as approved by the Church of England). This will normally comprise MP1.7, BM2.1, MP2.3, MP2.7 and may include MP2.8:

  • MP1.7 Weekly Church Placement I (0 credits)
  • BM2.1 Word Ministry I (10 credits)
  • MP2.3 Anglican Ministry (10 credits)
  • MP2.7 Weekly Church Placement II (0 credits)
  • MP2.8 Ministry/Mission Experience Placement (0 credits)

Ordinands will also take 100 credits of additional modules to take the total number of credits over two years to 240. These may be at any level of study (from Level 4 to Level 7).  The selection of these modules will be discussed and agreed as part of the admissions process.


Please note

Elective modules are offered subject to viability (based on class size) and the College reserves the right to withdraw an elective module if there is insufficient interest; not all elective modules are offered every year.