'Is Church of England ministry for me?'


If you're asking yourself this question and considering gospel ministry in the Church of England, seeking to discern what God might be calling you to, we've drawn together here a list of organisations and resources that will help you think about the following:

- Where has the Church of England come from?
- What are the current challenges within the Church of England?
- Where is the Church of England heading?
- And if you're considering ordination, what's involved in the selection process?

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The Church of England Logo

The Church of England

The Church of England website has a Vocations section where you can find helpful information about the variety of roles in the Church, including ordained roles.  There is also information about the ordination discernment process, training pathways and funding. 

Find out more here 


Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC)

CEEC is a network of networks, bringing evangelicals in the Church of England together for the sake of the gospel. It is particularly concerned to encourage evangelism, bible-based and Christ-centred formation of discipleship, evangelical leadership within the Church of England, and evangelical unity within and outside Anglicanism.

Visit their website here

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Church Society

Church Society is a fellowship contending to reform and renew the Church of England in biblical faith.  They run conferences and provide many helpful resources. If you're considering ordination, take a look at some of their publications such as ‘Reach, Build, Send’, ‘Fight Valiantly!’ and ‘Foundations of Faith’. 

Visit their website here 

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The Junia Network

The Junia Network is a network of women ordained into the Anglican Church from across the evangelical spectrum. They exist to support and pray for one another in ministry, learning from scripture, the Spirit and one another, and to represent evangelical women within the wider evangelical constituency and nationally in the Church of England. They seek to equip one another for ordained ministry in the Church, that the Church might be better equipped to fulfil her gospel imperative.  

Visit their website here 

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Latimer Trust

The Latimer Trust is an evangelical think-tank, dedicated to encouraging biblical convictions and supporting people through publications, lectures, and research grants. They also have publications specifically for those who are considering ordination in the Church of England.

Visit their website here

Gospel Driven Anglicanism Book Cover

‘Gospel-Driven Anglicanism’

In this book, Mark Pickles makes a personal plea to the next and current generations of church leaders to take a fresh look at the Church of England as an ideal church in which to do biblical ministry.

You can read it online here


Gospel-Driven Anglicanism reminds me that to be an Evangelical in the Church of England, is not to be an outsider, but rather to hold to the gospel of grace, the authority of scripture and the sovereignty of God, is to be true and loyal to Anglicanism at it’s very heart and at it’s very best.”

Andrew Bellis

Curate, St Peter’s Harold Wood & former student

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