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Growing deeper, extending further: Kristi Mair

Having been at Oak Hill for two years part time, and through the support of the Mike Ovey Fellowship Fund, Kristi Mair will become a full time Research Fellow in Philosophy, Ethics, and Apologetics in September. This new role sees Kristi teaching Apologetics in addition to modules on Philosophy and Ethics. It also enables her to complete her doctoral thesis in philosophical theology (epistemology) with the University of Birmingham. In addition, Kristi will continue to provide pastoral support for full time female students.

‍Kristi says, “Oak Hill is a place of joyful commitment to our triune God, and I am thrilled to be able to serve here. The quality of teaching and relationships with faculty, staff, and students is a formative joy, and it is an honour indeed to participate in the life of such a significant residential theological college.”

‍She holds a BA in Philosophy and Theology and an MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics. Formerly with UCCF, Kristi was Midlands Assistant Team Leader and she remains active in the mission field. She most recently spoke at both Cambridge and Oxford University Inter-Collegiate Christian Unions’ events weeks where she engaged seekers, agnostics and apathetics by responding to popular objections to the Christian faith. Similarly, she also speaks at regular one-off ‘lunchbar’ Christian Union and business events, as well as hosting and speaking at regional, national, and international training events in persuasive evangelism. She is thrilled to be involved with Forming a Christian Mind (Cambridge), The Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities in Europe (FEUER), European Leaders Forum (ELF), Creation Fest, Keswick, and SOLAS Confident Christianity events, to name but a few.

‍Kristi co-hosts a podcast with Andy Bannister (PEP Talk), and her first book, MORE>Truth (IVP), was written in 2019.  She has most recently edited and contributed to her second book, Healthy Faith and The Coronavirus Crisis (IVP, 2020).

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