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Online events that help you live out your faith

Our standalone Equip teaching events aim to help you live out your faith, and after three successful events last academic year, we are pleased to announce our plan for two new upcoming events.

Equip events are for anyone looking to grow and put their faith into practice.  As Dan Strange, our College Director, explains when introducing Flexible Learning, “Theology should and can inform the most important questions of the day”. We all face many questions whether at home, at work or in church, about faith, life, purpose and meaning. We all need deep roots to be able to answer those questions for ourselves and for others, to grow in our faith, in our love for Christ, to serve the church and reach the world for him. 

The events so far have been attended by nearly 100 people, some from local churches, some from as far as Southampton, some of whom knew Oak Hill and some who didn’t. In a recent survey, 100% of those who answered said they would recommend Equip to a friend.

Other positive feedback for Equip included:

“Thoroughly recommended, both teacher and teaching”

“Thank you very much for the hard work that went into the session, I very much appreciate it and found it very helpful.”

“Really good event - time, day and speaker all great.”

Equip events aim to deliver quality teaching across two, 45 minute teaching sessions with opportunities for interactions and questions, opening up subject areas like biblical theology, ethics and discipleship and applying them to real world life situations.

‍We are excited to announce details of new upcoming events:

Engaging our culture for Christ’ with Dan Strange, College Director:

Culture can be very confusing. We live in a global village but live in isolation more than ever. We have more choices than ever but less time to make them in. We are told we can do anything we want to do and be anyone we want to be, but we can't and we aren't.

‍As Christians, how do we make sense of culture in which we live? What do we even mean by 'culture'? At this Equip event we will take a biblical-eye-view of culture and how we engage culture both faithfully and fruitfully. 

To book tickets for this event, click here

‘Understanding Islam’ with Robert Scott, Oak Hill Lecturer

"To love or reach our Muslim neighbours, we need to understand them…

‍At this Equip event we will be thinking about Muslim people as people, made in the image of God yet fallen. As such, they are no different to all of us. Indeed, even as they reject key Christian truths about Jesus the Messiah, their religion can look and sound very similar to our own. We will look at some of their practices and beliefs, and think how best we can talk about Jesus with Muslim people, answer their objections and read the Bible with them."

To book tickets for this event, click here

Both events will be held online via Zoom and cost only £5 to join.

To get updates from Oak Hill including information on Equip events in 2021 when they are announced. 

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