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Theological education for people everywhere

Our Flexible Learning modules are focused on opening up theological education and educators to more Christians. This year, they will be online making them available to people anywhere.

‍As Dan Strange, our College Director, explains in the introduction to Flexible Learning, “theology should and can inform the most important questions of the day”. We all face many questions whether at home, at work or in church, about faith, life, purpose and meaning. We all need deep roots to be able to answer those questions for ourselves and for others, to grow in our faith, in our love for Christ, to serve the church and reach the world for him. 

‍Flexible Learning modules this year enable this by allowing people to follow live lectures by digitally joining in with students on site to listen and learn via Zoom. They give the freedom to focus on learning from our expert and experienced teaching staff without the assessments associated with a formal credit.

Why choose Flexible Learning modules?

‍If you have a desire for theological training whether it is for a deepening of your personal understanding, a widening of your workplace witness or an extending of your church ministry, Flexible Learning modules are designed for you. Some of our Flexible Learners are in work sectors such as finance and education, some have ministry roles in their churches and some are retired. 

‍One of our Flexible Learners, Karen Sanders said “I wanted to gain more theological grounding for the work that I was doing in my local church. Once I started studying, I gained an appetite to keep going and to explore different modules and expand my theological grounding and understanding.” Another, John Smith said “I have been interested in the concept of World Views since reading Francis Schaeffer’s books in the past and wanted to explore the issues in more depth.”

‍The thought of theological study, if not done before or not for a long time, can be a challenge.  Students report that tutors have been “helpful and supportive” and students are “friendly and welcoming”.  Also that being in “just one lecture a week helped digest it the rest of the week and put it into practice.”

What is the impact of Flexible Learning modules? 

‍When asked this, Karen Sanders said “Having time to think and study deeply into scripture means that there is a solid foundation laid for then being able to explain simply and well to those whom I disciple.” Claire Newton, another Flexible Learner, explained it as “growing knowledge to provide a more solid biblical foundation, growing faith which transcends every area of life and growing ministry through biblical and practical help”.

‍Isn’t that what we all need?

‍Details of the full range of modules including prices, days and times and how to apply are available on our website here.


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