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Primer: Announcing a new partnership

Oak Hill is delighted to start co-publishing Primer in partnership with FIEC.

In the last five years Primer has established itself as a significant resource for pastors and gospel workers. It offers rich and accessible theology, informed by historical and contemporary voices and tailored to the realities of ministry. In many ways, therefore, it embodies Oak Hill’s vision of training men and women for ministry in the real world, and we’re eager to support that kind of ministry in an ongoing way with this well-applied theological resource.

Primer was launched when David Shaw served as the FIEC’s Theological Adviser alongside a part- time teaching role at Oak Hill. Now that he is full-time at Oak Hill he will continue to edit Primer with the same vision of a generous resource that serves evangelical ministry in the UK, drawing from a wide range of contributors. The innovative design of Primer is integral to its aims, making it an accessible, engaging, and interactive read. We’re delighted that Jonathan Bennett from FIEC will continue to serve as the designer.

The next issue of Primer addresses the topic of spiritual warfare. It is due out in May 2020, and features articles by Lewis Allen, Kirsten Birkett, Keith Ferdinando, David Shaw, and Helen Thorne.

You can find out more about Primer at or by following @Primerhq on Twitter. Primer is distributed by 10ofThose, and you can order it on their website


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